Sunday, January 3, 2010


I think I am attracted to people like me. Not really attracted but more drawn or maybe even just happen to be surrounded by people who like distractions from actual problems.

On Christmas Eve I had an argument with my dad and my mum thought I had run away when I was just sleeping in my brother's room. So she got my sister to text me to tell me to come back and the text just said, "Mum said come home. We got a microwave".

Everyone deals with their shit differently, and I guess our difference is not being able to deal with it at all.


  1. run away? XD
    is it bad that i laughed when i read this?
    your sister = cool.

  2. am i like you musu?
    my parents thought i had run away once;
    i hid in the empty space at the bottom of the bookshelf

  3. ummmmmmmm my dad told me not to drink cordial because im fat lol =(
    but i think your story is better XD