Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well... look on the brighter side of things... at least your mother doesn't rape you :)


jks jks... it's just Jermia in need of a serious rant so Musu has kindly lent me his blogspot so that I could vent.


well i've been fighting with my mutti bear (mother bear in german :P) a lot lately. mainly things about how all asians are drug dealers and how i over dramatise everything while withdrawing from our relationship whenever i feel emotionally vulnerable... my mother is a counsellor... there is no winning an argument with her >_>

whenever i try to confide in her, i find that her comeback always is something along the lines of "well my life sucks more..."

of course she doesn't say it so bluntly... but that's the underlying message of her long winded lectures. xD

jermia: hmm i'm tired
mum: YOU think YOU'RE TIRED!?! i have to wake up at 4.30 am to go to work so that i can pay your private school tuition

jermia: i feel sick
mum: well i wish i could get sick, but i don't even have that luxury... if i don't work i don't have money to pay the rent and we don't eat jermia!!! how do you feel with not eating for a week?

jermia: i'm poor...
mum: well you shouldn't be poor since i basically buy you everything you need, i pay your school fees, i feed you, i drive 30mins to work all the time, and i've just bought you a car, paid for your rego and insurance... i've worn the same clothes for about 15 years because i always put you first!

jermia: did you label that box?
mum: well jermia if you are so concern why don't you stop studying for your exams and stop doing your assignments and label all of these boxes for me okay! because right now i don't have the time to label boxes.
jermia: i was just curious to why this box wasn't labelled... that's all o_O

as you can see... it's not my fault and it's not like i can fix any of this so i don't understand why she needs to emotionally take it out on me :(

sometimes i feel like kicking or punching a massive hole in the wall... but we are currently renting] and i think both my mother and the landlord would then most likely kick or punch a massive hole in my face :\

not cool...

i think i've calmed down a lot now... so i'm not so aggressive with my ranting...

have you ever noticed how ugly you look when you cry? i dunno but when i look at myself in the mirror while i cry... it makes me cry even more because i look so emotionally and physically retarded... i do hope that everyone else resembles a dying whale when the cry cause i'd hate to be the exception lol

ohh yehh and the phrase FML... it's been overused... just like LOL LMAO ROFL... whenever i see these words i begin to evaluate... LOL... are they really laughing at what i just typed on msn... or is it just like a reflex... and immediate response or reaction!?!

FML... seriously... this term is so loosely thrown around... just like the phrase "i love you"

that's why whenever i tell musu i love him he never says it back... ^^
and it makes me happy that he won't say it back to me... because it's his way of telling me that he cares :)

if he were to say it all the time it would just lose it's meaning
so when he does say it... it means even more to me now :D

i have a lot of assignments and studying to do... 3 weeks till exam block which means less than 3 weeks until QCS... but i'm going to try to cram all of this revision into this week so that i can go partying this weekend without feeling so guilty!

download the song sexy bitch feat. akon... it's a stupid song but extremely catchy and contagious just like aids, only this song wont make you feel as if you are peeing out razor blades (thank you to all of the advertising campaigns on the brisbane buses which promote safe sex) xD

ohh yehh... i forgot to mention this but...

FML... YEAR 12 SUCKS... but then again... it's only year 12 right?^^


  1. lol you guest posted on musu's blog and are now afflicted with musu-blog-guest posting curse! just wait for the 76 comments to pile up in response to what you've said^^

  2. the first sentence of the blog made me ROFLMAO

  3. 'i love you' is the "L-BOMB" in relationships jermie :P

    and i think you should punch walls because our asian arms are so weak i doubt we can make a hole in it anyway and probably just end up bruising ourselves and make us even more angry; true story

    <3 mylooooo


  4. bahahaha... the comment said anonymous and as soon as a saw the first sentance i knew it was you mylo :P

    ily <3333

    but yehh... i'm pretty sure that i wouldn't be able to punch a hole in the wall with my weak and squishy arms (i STILL haven't buffed up for formal xD)... unless i was dong or nam in their computer room :P (LOLLZZZ MUSU INSIDE JOKE)