Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday? more like funday

So usually Sundays for me are quite boring. I wake up go to church, go home in the afternoon and sleep. Even the most Christian of Christians would find church boring sometimes (I think my priest falls asleep sometimes), and being that I am not the most Christian-ey of Christians I tend to get bored there pretty easily.

Today was different though, I decided to go to the University of Queensland open day with some friends, but it turns out that I was running late so I cbf'ed going to UQ and instead just decided to go into the city for some general debauchery.

Karaoke, and korean food was involved.

I hadn't seen these friends in a long time, and it was nice, but also bad because I imposed a ban on going out until Schoolies on myself (except formals, how could you ban yourself from a formal? are you crazy??)

: )


  1. lol nawww... did you karaoke with christine!?!?!

    DAMMIT!!! =="

    FML if you did... cause i love christine's singing
    FML in general cause i've been doing my physics prac ALL OVER AGAIN for the past 7 hours D:


    sermons are the best.

    but you are the best.
    so im not sure ^^

  3. you didn't miss much. uq was stingy on freebies - the primary reason anyone goes to open days.

  4. I think that's because they know they can attract you with a reputable program leading to a recognized degree.

    Places like QUT are best for freebies.

    And if freebies is proportional to bad education, then I wish TAFE had an open day.

  5. Sometimes I feel bad about making so many calls against QUT. Someday someone is going to impale me with a graduation cap....Smeh, so worth it.

  6. lol geoff I hope one day there is a university versus university pokemon battle and QUT beats you

  7. no lol Griffith is the best place for freebies out of all 3 universities.

    i still have red and white zinc that has managed to mix together through a plastic layer that was separating it.

  8. musu your blogname is too long, but i try type it all out anyway, cos i love you :)