Friday, July 3, 2009

knowing others' lives sucks makes me feel better

Is that considered schadenfraude?

Earlier today Phuong called me to tell me about how shit her life was. Then I told her how shit I felt, and then we both felt comforted knowing that each of the other one's lives sucked (that's what friends are for!). Oh and I just watched this short film about Chinese sex slavery called Lily's Hope, and now I know my life is not so crap ... and that I am glad I am not an illegally-trafficked Chinese sex slave :|

In other news Ciara has a new song and the film clip is the lolz. Check out that sweet dancing xD

So today after I had done all the chores in the house non-stop for a week (even though I still do this during school I'm on holiday so I want to not have to do something all the time at least some of the time lol), cooked dinner every night, babysat almost every second day, and had not asked to go out the entire week, my dad came home and got angry at me for--wait for it, "not doing any chores" claiming that I should--wait for it, again, that I should "find some place else to live because I am lazy. So lazy". This happened all while my brother who sleeps all day, does not work, and is generally just a dirty ratfaced loser was sleeping, and I'm still the bad one. With that I realised that it's not my fault that some people, like my dad, will never truly appreciate anything I do for them, and that I should stop feeling bad for myself because of it.